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Another G Power Chord Progression Print E-mail

These days, I again realize the importance of basics. While I was browsing Worship Frequency, I found a good power chords lesson that is simple and useful but I've never used before. So I wanted to share with you. Daniel Carson shows how to use power chords in "Awesome is the Lord Most High". This one is particularly useful for me since it uses the chord progression that a lot of Praise and Worship songs uses. G-D-Em-C. He used the original keys with a capo but I used guitar players' favorite key, G. Beginning guitar players, like me really appreciate the mileage of simplicity.

Please remember once you master the power chords, you will understand a lot more on your fret board since you know where the roots are.



G5D5E5E sharp 5C5
If you want to see Daniel Carson's video, here is the address; http://fqworship.com/video-awesome-is-the-lord-most-high/


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You have to learn Palm Muting Print E-mail

You have to learn Palm Muting. It is so essential to create better rhythm and direction of a song. Yes, no effect box can do this for you. I took this technique for granted for so long and it is about time for me to master it. I quickly realized it is not an easy skill to master once I started working on it. The key is where you place your palm to create muting effect. It took me some time to find that sweet spot for my strat. As I move along the different strings, I have to find that sweet spot and it is even more challenging while playing.

These are few videos that I found helpful. Enjoy, and practice, practice, & practice...

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Only A God Like You Tab - Intro Print E-mail

I have been looking to learn "Only A God Like You" by Tommy Walker for the longest time. Some tabs online has not really satisfy me and was beyond my skill level. So I tried to duplicate the sound as much as I can and this tab is the result of that quest. See below my YouTube video and the tab. I know it is not the best sound nor close to the original but it works. I am still working on the beat. So please excuse my timing. Enjoy!





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You Are Holy (Prince of Peace) - E Power Chord Progression Print E-mail

Long time no post!. I was playing around with my new POD X3 Live a lot and I am enjoying every minute with it. Here is another simple power chord progression on key of E. I picked "You Are Holy" (Prince of Peace) as an example. This song really took off when Michael W. Smith sang in his worship album. Please log in to download the chord sheet.

Here is the chord chart. Just practice these chords over and over again. Enjoy!


E ChordA ChordF#m ChordB Chord[2X]


 A ChordB ChordC#m ChordE Chord[2X]


A Chord B ChordE Chord

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Blessed Be Your Name - A Power Chord Progression Print E-mail
I was trying to figure out how to best play this song. Since my approach is always how to play the simplest way, I had to figure out the power chords to start with. It turns out it was indeed very simple and sounded good. I think anyone can play this song. It is the same chord progression over and over again and I thought it is an excellent power chords practice song. We sing this song in A, which seems work well with our congregation. I attached the chord sheet below.  This is a good starting point and you can build the song upon these power chords. Let me know how it goes!

Here is the chord chart. Just repeat these chords over and over again. Enjoy!

A Power ChordE5 Power ChordF#mD5

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